About the Operational Safety Concept

Every organisation has its unique business activity and looks for an effective way to increase its value. The Operational Safety Concept guarantees safe operation and cost reduction for companies and their management.

It provides technical support for business and is now becoming an essential part of risk management.

This concept is a result of long-term experience of our professionals active in the fields of risk management and management systems, working with a diversity of organisations around the world.

The main CHARACTERISTIC of the Operational Safety Concept is URS Holdings understanding that every organisation has its unique business activity. URS Holdings becomes your “partner” who can assist you with safe operation from adhering to valid regulatory standards, maintaining a management and certification system to a risk insurance system that will cover all processes of your company.

Operational Safety will
save your costs
and secure your business!

Correct and well-rounded
insurance against fortuities.

Ensuring compliance with
technical requirements, standards
and regulations.

Verification of products’
quality and safety.

Development of all
employees’ potential.

How to improve quality and management?
Through well-adjusted
management systems.

Everything begins with
legal compliance.

What is the goal of every company?
To do business effectively,
responsibly and safely.

URS Holdings services provide practical business support and are becoming an essential part of risk management today.

The Operational Safety Concept has evolved from our extensive experience on risk management and management systems certification acquired on the basis of cooperation and thanks to the variability of organizations throughout the world.

The ADVANTAGES of the reliable and safe operation of the company include URS Holdings ability to provide services on the basis of knowledge, which is in context of managing risks during the operation of the company. In other words we can say that all business needs are under control. Whether from the point of view of complying with valid regulations, management systems, product quality, inspection or revision and appropriate insurance.

The BENEFITS of the reliable operational safety result mainly from the fact that URS Holdings employees work on mutually interconnected needs of the customer. In addition the added value for the customer results from the „one-stop-shop" approach within the reliable operational safety sphere.


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