ISO 26000 – Social responsibility

URS conducts performance assessments of an organisations social performance using guidance based on the Standard ISO 26000. ISO 26000 compliance means validation of a social responsibility concept implemented in an organisation. It verifies the methods used in an organisation used to achieve sustainable development involving all participants, defining and executing a social responsibility policy and social responsibility processes within the entire organisation.

Organisations that can demonstrate Socially Responsible Practices by adopting the principles & guidance of ISO 26000, may like to opt for a Socially Performance Assessment to satisfy themselves and their customers of their intent and consideration of their staff and employees.

The ISO 26000 standard is designed for use by all types of organizations regardless of their activity or size.

Benefits of ISO 26000:

  • improves perception by investors, owners, sponsors and financiers
  • improves reputation of the organisation towards governmental bodies (government orders), towards the media, suppliers, customers and the market generally
  • improves ethical principles, motivation and employee determination and productivity
  • positively influences key customer retention
  • maintains overall competitiveness

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