Energy audit of compressed air consumption

Compressed air is used nearly in all operating and manufacturing companies and is the „heart“ of manufacturing businesses (manufacturing is directly linked to compressed air supply).

Compressed air, i.e. pneumatic energy is the most expensive form of energy for every company that uses it.

What is the benefit of an Energy audit of compressed air consumption:

  • mapping the existing state of resources, distribution networks and compressed air appliances
  • evaluating technical status
  • measuring real consumption of compressed air and its quality
  • localising and calculating volume loss (leakages)
  • describing specific locations and photo documentation
  • setting the price of compressed air unit (m3n/h) and financial quantification of volume losses
  • specific measures to eliminate most volume losses and return on investment
  • optimising the pneumatic system as a whole – optimum efficiency and operational compressor overpressure, compressed air modification (filtration drying), condensate collection and liquidation according to sanitary norms valid in the Czech Republic,
  • utilising waste heat from compressors, supply and drainage of cooling air, modifications and inspection of distribution networks from the point of pressure losses, operational reserve of the source part etc.

Energy audit can be used as preparation for the ISO 11011 certification - compressed air system energy efficiency certification.

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