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Securing high quality IT and telecommunication services means more than working with top programmers and IT specialists. To ensure safety of all its services a company must secure all the supporting activities required by the legislative.

Problem free operation - Reliable Operational Safety can be achieved through identification of legislative requirements (legislative audit - Due Diligence), certification of the management system according to ISO standards, product and personal training and certification, checks and inspections of technical equipment and risk analysis to ensure proper insurance.

Certification and inspections in IT and telecommunication services

URS helps with IT and telecommunication services through its concept of reliable operational safety and problem-free operation:

  • identifying legal requirements for your business and its specific field
  • securing compliance with legal requirements and preventing sanctions and financial losses
  • certification audits enable to verify that the international corporate ISO standards are met
  • ISO certification means competitive advantage

Advantages of our complex solution

All URS services and certificates are internationally recognized and valid all around the world.

  • URS delivers your certification with internationally recognized accreditation symbol, e.g.: UKAS, DAkkS
  • URS specialists have vast international experience
  • URS shows a pragmatic approach to its services
  • URS offers broad portfolio of accredited standards, so that our customers are not in any way limited
  • we use CSI – Customer Satisfaction Index, because we want to know how satisfied our customers are
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Each company has to prove it meets legislative requirements and keeps up to date with all changes and amendments.

Health & Safety Due Diligence
Environmental Due Diligence
Information Security Due Diligence

ISO Certification
Using international accreditation symbols like UKAS or DAkkS brings prestige to your organization.

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

ISO 45001

Occupational health and safety management system certification

ISO 27001

Information Security Management System Certification

ISO 20000-1

Information Technology Service Management System Certification

ISO 50001

Energy Management System Certification

ISO 22301

Business Continuity Management Certification

ISO 10002

Certification of the complaints handling management system

ISO 26000

Social responsibility

ISO 28000

Security Management System for the Supply Chain

ISO 31000

Risk Management

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Personal Certification
Using international accreditation symbols like UKAS or DAkkS brings prestige to your organization.

Certificaton of Occupational Health & Safety Manager
Certificaton of Occupational Health & Safety Technician

Inspection and revision
Ensure problem-free operation by meeting legislative requirements and prevent financial losses.

Fire safety revisions
Inspection and revision of technical...
Quality assurance
Revision of electrical equipment


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Certification of Systems

Certification of Persons

Certification of Products

Inspection and Revision


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