About URS Holdings

The URS Holdings Head Office is based in United Kingdom and offers Services under the unique concept of Reliable Operational Safety. The concept of Operational Safety has evolved from our long-term experience of risk management and management systems certification, gained through cooperation and working with a diversity of organisations around the world.

Every organisation has its unique business activity and looks for an effective way to increase its value. The Operational Safety offers companies and mainly the management a guarantee of safe operation and cost reduction.

Services provided by URS Holdings offer practical support for business and are now becoming an essential part of risk management.

The Reliable Operational Safety concept includes services like management systems certification (ISO), product certification (CE), personal certification, training, inspection services, technical equipment revisions and further services offered through the URS Holdings in more than 40 countries.

URS Holdings offers various services worldwide on the basis of acquired accreditations. An independent legal subject maintains each accreditation with a centralised management system as part of the group.

More on accreditations and companies providing the services:



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Certification of Systems

Certification of Persons

Certification of Products

Inspection and Revision


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